A Report Card for Our Email Newsletter Subscribers

Time For Your First Report Card!

Quite a few of you, dear newsletter subscribers, have asked how many others are on Heilu's newsletter. "Who are they?" you ask "And how many people are actually reading them?"

You ask, we answer: Here are your answers, our "Reader Report Card" per se, broken down into Who, What, When, Where, and Why. 


You Are Not Alone

As of today you are among the 436 people (and growing!) on our distribution list. 

Of this community, we roughly counted 48 who work in the conventional food industry, 35 who are working in some way with insects, and about 83 close friends and family members who had no other choice.

You Can Read!

If you read just about every email we send, you're amongst 40% of the superstars who do so. If you only read the occasional update, you're part of a smaller 30%. Otherwise, you're amongst the 30% who are not reading this right now.  

Overall, on average you open the emails we send you 35% of the time. That is almost double the industry average of 19%. Thanks!

Jorge and I are grateful that all the work we spend writing these updates is being enjoyed.

Heilu newsletter open rates over time. 


Happy Silver Anniversary!

This here's our 25th update we've sent you since starting back in June 2016.

You're Not Easy To Please

You haven't welcomed all updates with equal enthusiasm. 

Your favourites—or most-opened at least—have been our posts on what to do about Heilu.ca (44.7% opened), on the amazing feedback we got from the food experts who experimented with our ingredients (44.5%), and, the winner so far, our in-depth analysis of whether insect food is future or fantasy (53.4%).   

Your least favourite? How to pronounce Heilu (23.64%), which is no surprise to us since most of you continue mispronouncing it. 


Have You Noticed The Pattern Yet?

If you haven't recognized the pattern by now, we send you updates every other Friday morning. Set your calendars accordingly.

We've played around with sending them at different hours on Friday, but that doesn't seem to affect the rate at which you open them. 

You're Wasting Your Time

Surprisingly, when you do open our emails you do so on average 2.3 times. This is strange since our updates are too short to have to read in stages and I doubt you read them more than once (despite being very entertaining, I know!). That means you're opening them 230% more often than you need to.

Assuming you do the same with other emails as well, you're wasting a lot of time needlessly opening and closing emails. If you only ever opened emails when you were ready to read or respond to them immediately you would save yourself a lot of time, thus freeing you up for fun things like going to our blog to read the other Heilu posts you "forgot" to open. 

Wanna have an empty inbox like this? Open emails only once. 


The Heilu Hockey Team

Your part of a community of readers whose breakdown by nationality looks similar to that of an NHL team. It's mostly Canadian (59%) with quite a few Americans (28%) and some Europeans too (5%).

An additional 6% of readers are from Mexico, and there are individuals from Costa Rica, Venezuela, South Africa, Kenya, El Salvador, Japan, and China too. These folks probably won't help our hockey team, but will dramatically improve our team parties and dinners. 

Like an NHL team... if we traded Russians for Mexicans (these numbers exclude "Unknowns")

You Read Wherever You Want

52.6% of the time, you read your updates on you computer. The other 47.4% of the time are on your phone or tablet. 

Devices used to open our emails.


Hopefully Not Only Out of Boredom

We hope you're reading our emails because you care about your health, the planet's health, and the health of future generations, and because you are interested in supporting Heilu's journey as we try to introduce convention-defying new ingredients that can help make it all happen. 

But if you read these updates because you're bored or feel obliged to do so, we won't complain. Hopefully you'll change your reasons for reading eventually.



As in "How can I help?" 

Great question!

Here are a couple of the many ways you can help Jorge and I:

  • Give us feedback on each post
  • Ask questions and share ideas you might have for future posts
  • Share on social media any posts you particularly enjoyed and think your friends would like too

And finally, as always, thanks for reading and being part of our community! For making it this this far you get an A on your report card. Keep it up!