Do You Know What's Safe to Eat? Does Anyone?

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Remember the days of candies like Smarties whose artificial bright blues literally drove kids wild, beef made from cows fed on remains of other cows, chips made with a revolutionary fat-free (and stool-loosening) ingredient called olestra, appetizingly bright pink but arsenic-infused chicken, and heart stoppingly inexpensive trans fat-packed butter alternatives?

It was not too long ago that between episodes of Friends and Seinfeld we were drooling over commercials for these products.

See! I told you blue raspberries are real. 

See! I told you blue raspberries are real. 

Now, of course, we know better. Food regulators have discovered the downsides of these products and fazed them out of our diets.

But do we really know better?

Or are our smug future selves going to look back at us and think, “Why were you eating that, dumbass?”

Maybe we shouldn’t actually be eating chickens so unnaturally pumped up they’d break their legs if they had the space to walk, produce sprayed with fertilizers by people in hazmat suits, intentionally (and unintentionally) mutated farmed fish, or test tube Frankenfoods.

Just maybe.   

The reality is food regulation is far from perfect. That is why many consumers have decided to be more discerning than regulators, use common sense, and eat the most natural foods available. For example, animals that have been fed and raised naturally and are antibiotic and hormone free. Animals like Heilu.

Now they're clean!

Now they're clean!

But not Heilu.

Heilu does not have regulatory approval.

Because it’s an unconventional animal, Health Canada’s Food Directorate has classified Heilu to be a “novel food” and decided you should not eat it.

And you know what? They’re right. Despite being totally natural, Heilu is unprecedented. It doesn't have an extensive history of human consumption. We should have to go through some extra steps to demonstrate Heilu is safe before introducing products containing it.

This, obviously, is our main priority (even more so than writing these blog posts that we hope you subscribe to). It's going to take at least a year, but it will happen thanks to the great support behind us, including you.

We have zero doubts that Heilu is not just safe, but incredibly nutritious. Don’t tell the regulators, but we’re already eating it and feeding it to our friends and family.

And hopefully soon we’ll be able to feed it to the rest of the world too.

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