How to Pronounce Heilu (and Never Forget)

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Do You Know How to Pronounce Heilu?

Hopefully by now you've had the chance the learn all about (and, if you're lucky, even taste) Heilu.

You're probably so excited by these convention-defying super-sustainable and superfood ingredients that you're dying to spread the word.

There's just one problem...

... We never told you how to pronounce the word we're hoping you spread.


What's Your Guess?

Before we reveal the "official" pronunciation of Heilu, please guess what you think it is:

Where did the name "Heilu" come from? Check out our FAQ for the answer.

Well the correct answer (or what we decided to go with) is...

... HEY-loo. 

How To Not Forget

You've probably been talking non-stop about Heilu ever since you first heard of it, right?

Well if you've been saying it wrong this whole time (our fault), that pronunciation may have become a habit that will be hard to break. Here are three stories that might help:

  1. Hey Lou

    Mario and Luigi were both in love with the same princess and vying to be the first to win her heart. Luigi was excited the princess had agreed pick some mushrooms with him the next week but was worried what his brother was scheming.

    To afford the princess' expensive tastes, Luigi had taken a job at a pizzeria. On his first day at work none other than the princess walked through the doors. For a split second Luigi thought she had come to see him, but that was unlikely since he had not told anyone about his new gig, not even his brother Mario. He asked her what brought her to the pizzeria. To his great dismay she said she was on a date. Before he could ask more, his worst nightmare became reality when he heard from behind him his brothers' voice saying, "Hey Lou".

hey lou
  1. Hail? Ew.

    A man was flying to Hawaii with his snobby wife. The airline oversold first class, so they had to sit in business. To this the woman said, "Business class? Ew."

    Then, on the in-flight meal the plane ran out of champagne, so they had to settle on sparking wine. To this the snobby wife said, "Prosecco? Ew."

    Finally, when they arrived the woman looked outside to see not a sunny tropical paradise but a dreary, stormy sky from which ice balls the size of marbles were falling. To this she said, "Hail? Ew."

hail ew
  1. Hay Loo

    A farmer was cleaning the inside of his barn when a sudden gust of wind blew the door shut. Improbably, the latch of the barn door also fell in place, locking him in. Since his wife was out of town for two days, he was trapped.

    Luckily he had plenty of food and water on him, but when that food was digested and nature called he had nowhere to go. He ended up using some straw to put together a makeshift toilet.

    Fast forward two days later and his wife finally rescued him from the barn. When she entered, the farmer warned her, "Darlin' don't you go over to that far corner y'hear, cuz over yonder's my stinky hay loo."

hay loo


Hopefully one of the stories will strike a chord and firmly cement the correct pronunciation of Heilu in your mind. That way, when you spread the word you'll actually spread the same word we do.

Which story will best help you remember how to pronounce Heilu?