Should We Dump Sucks

Whenever (if ever) the time comes when we get regulatory approval, a big part of our customer acquisition strategy will be through organic search. That is, people who stumble onto our website while searching the web, discover our awesome products, and feel the irresistible urge to buy them all. But that'll never happen if we continue using sucks.

Why does suck? Well, because of the "heilu" part and ".ca" part, that's all. 

Here's an explanation, and our plea to you to help come up with a new domain. 

What's Wrong With ".ca"?

Domains with .ca are fine for companies targeting customers in Canada, but for companies like Heilu targeting international markets, a .ca domain is a bad idea. 

Non-Canadians see .ca domains in their search results, think, "hmm... probably another hockey website," and don't click. We've found that 15% of Canadians who search the web and see a "" webpage click on it, but only 2.5% of non-Canadians do the same. That's bad. 

Even worse, with a .ca domain we're ignoring almighty Google, whose algorithm assumes that since we're .ca we want mostly Canadian traffic. As a result, it only ranks us high in Canadian searches. Across all searches that our website appears in, from "heilu" to "insect food" to (inexplicably) "how to swallow",'s average ranking is 9 in Canada, and 23 elsewhere. Going from 9 to 23 in search rankings means going from the first to third page of search results. It's death to any website. We have to abandon .ca and move to a .com domain if we want that to improve.

But it's not just the ".ca" that sucks. The "Heilu" part of our domain might be even worse. 

What's Wrong With "Heilu"?

Having our domain as just Heilu (i.e. is great for the day when it's a known brand like Nike or Vega. But that's a LONG way away.

To those unfamiliar with Heilu (i.e. everyone), the word "Heilu" looks like the name of a Chinese tech startup. That's not the market we're going for. We need a domain that makes it clearer what Heilu is: a nutrition company. 

And as in the case with having .ca versus .com, having just Heilu as our domain name hurts us with Google. When someone searches something like "sustainable nutrition", Google's algorithm gives preference to sites that have those words in their URL. So, all else being equal, will rank higher than because it has those keywords in it.

Until Heilu becomes a household name (or unless we decide to target the Chinese tech market), our domain needs to make it more obvious that we're a nutrition company. has got to go. 

What Should Our New Domain Be?

Considering that we need our domain to end with .com and for it to include what we do (nutrition), the obvious answer would seem to be 

But we're concerned "heilunutrition" can be misread as "heil unutrition" (a Nazi salute to eating poorly?). That's pretty much the opposite of what we're going for. Sure it's not as bad as (Therapist In a Box) or (Pen Island), but we rather avoid all such confusion entirely. 

Are we being paranoid and is fine? Or do you have other ideas? Either way, please share your input in the form below!

What should Heilu's new domain be?