A Story That Will Change the Way You Eat

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You're a 7-Year-Old Kid Named Alex

And you're playing with a big box of Lego bricks.

One day, in rumbles a big bully named Brutus, who orders you to build him a Lego tower or he’ll "give you a knuckle sandwich". You were already building Lego towers for your friends anyways, so you build Brutus one too. Easy peasy.

But Brutus is not satisfied. He demands a bigger tower.

You do it. No big deal. This time though, Brutus smashes one third of your tower and tells you it’s not big enough. He tells you it needs to be bigger, fancier, and wider.

You keep building and he keeps demanding bigger and better, while still senselessly smashing away large sections of what you’re building him.

You’re getting frustrated and tired.

You’re no longer able to make towers for your friends.

You’re running out of Lego bricks.

Pretty soon you’re going to be eating knuckle sandwiches.

You’re terrified.


It's going to need to be much nicer and bigger than this. 

It's going to need to be much nicer and bigger than this. 

Alex's terror is how Mother Nature feels trying to feed us. And guess who Brutus is? Yep, us. We're Brutus the Bully. 

Our population continues growing uncontrollably, demanding increasingly resource-dependent foods, and at the same time wantonly wasting a whole one third of the food that is produced. We're asking Mother Nature for more than she can handle. Like Alex, she's tired, no longer able to support her friends (other wildlife), and running out of resources. 

So how can we ease Mother Nature’s burden?

Going back to the Lego story, we (Brutus) can:

  1. Demand a smaller tower (Control our population).
  2. Ask for a simpler tower (Eat less resource-dependent foods).
  3. Stop senselessly smashing the tower (Waste less).
  4. Get more bricks (Improve food production technology… or colonize Mars).

This is where Heilu steps in.

Heilu has nothing to do with colonizing Mars (not really) nor controlling the population (we think), but it does help with the rest. 

Heilu is made by taking the prodigious amount of food waste we generate and upcycling it into even more nutritious proteins, fats and micronutrients. It is a closed-cycle process that is completely natural and can be done on a very small footprint, both physically and ecologically.


Using what may be the world’s perfect animal, an insect. Yes, Heilu is made of insects. What insect? That’s for a future post.  


The message for today is that every time you eat Heilu, you’re helping little Alex.

You’re picking up one of the Legos that Brutus smashed off, magically making it bigger, and putting it back on top of the tower. It’s a small action, but if enough of us do it, we can actually make a difference. 

Help Alex.

Give Mother Nature a break.

Next Up: Learn about the world's coolest animal that you'll never find in a zoo. 

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