Why Are You Eating Like a Hippie?

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The Big Hypocrisy

These days if you don’t recycle, you’re wasteful. If you drive a Hummer, you’re obscene. If you leave the lights on, you’re thoughtless. And if you water your lawn during a drought, you’re selfish.

But if you eat indiscriminately, that’s totally fine. Eating environmentally friendly? That’s for hippies.

Up until very recently, that’s what I thought. Many still do.

What a hypocrisy.

Different Means to the Same End

I've realized that making eco-conscious eating choices has the same impact as the other enviro-friendly choices I’d been making already. Just bigger.

Taking shorter showers to save water? Well two months of cutting my shower time in half saves the same amount of water as what’s needed to produce a kilo of beef.

Biking or bussing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? For every 200 kilometres I swap driving for riding I save the same carbon footprint as that kilo of beef.

It should have been a no-brainer. Instead, I was the no-brainer. I wasn’t thinking when it came to what I ate.

Eat "like a hippy". You don't have to dress like one. 

Eat "like a hippy". You don't have to dress like one. 

Changes are Afoot

Not long ago, driving a Prius was seen as a hippie thing to do. Same for carrying your own water bottle around, bringing reusable grocery bags to the supermarket, and home composting. We now consider these things normal. They’re almost expected.

Eating planet-friendly will almost certainly soon be the expectation instead of the exception too.

It won’t be long before friends no longer look at us funny for bringing veggie burgers to a barbecue.

Get On Board

If you believe in preserving the environment but haven’t started eating eco-consciously yet, I suggest you reconsider. Instead of only following along when it becomes widely accepted, be a leader in changing the status quo now.

And if you're already doing so, but have friends who still don't understand, forward this to them.

Let's put an end to the hypocrisy.