Heilu's Goals For 2017

A Make-or-Break Year

Heilu's survival depends on whether or not we accomplish the following in 2017: 

  1. Prove Heilu is Safe to Eat

    By the end of March our goal is to have finished the safety assessments we began in August 2016 and submit a summary for Health Canada to review. Unfortunately, Health Canada says this review can take up to 410 days (?!). We have reason to believe it will be quicker for Heilu, but that is largely out of our hands. Regardless of whether Health Canada takes 10 days or 410 days to respond, if the food safety experts we're working with can at least prove to themselves and us that Heilu is safe, 2017 will be a success.

  2. Develop Awesome Heilu Ingredients

    "Glorified animal feed" is a fair description of the Heilu butter and powder prototypes we are playing around with now. As taste tests have shown, these prototypes are not yet ideal for human consumption. But in January, food product development experts we've partnerned with will start work on improving these products. And by the end of the year, we hope (ok, need) Heilu ingredients to have gone from being glorified animal feed to being at least as tasty as other nutritious powders and oils.

  3. Make Some Money

    Not a lot. Not even enough to earn profit. Just something. We've been very fortunate to have been awarded a grant for our R&D and won some money at an idea pitch competition, and we plan on pursuing similar sources of funding this year, but we'd really like to make money by actually selling something in 2017 (...once we're allowed to, of course).

  4. Cement Supplier Partnerships

    Since we don't farm our own animals, we must develop strong relationships with those who do. So far, the companies we're working with have been great. Now in 2017 we need to take these relationships to the next level. If Heilu is going to create a whole new market for black soldier fly larvae, and raise general awarness about this amazing animal, we need to formally ensure we're working together towards the same goals.

  5. Develop a Food Product Partnership

    Jorge and I just don't have time (or money) to develop food products of our own right now (bars, pastas, cookies, etc.). We are having too much fun working on R&D and convincing people about the merits of eating sustainable and healthy foods like Heilu. That's why in 2017 our goal is to partner with others to create a Heilu-powered packaged food.

Heilu in Kraft Dinner? Probably not by 2017... (original photo by  Mike Mozart )

Heilu in Kraft Dinner? Probably not by 2017... (original photo by Mike Mozart)

  1. Develop a Pet Food Partnership

    If Heilu is good enough for us to eat, it's good enough for our pets too, right? (Answer: Yes.) So in 2017 our goal is to develop a Heilu-powered dog food with a fellow forward-thinking, convention-defying, difference-making pet food company.

  2. Give You a Try

    Last but not least, we need to get those of you who are on our newsletter a taste of Heilu. It's been too long already. How can you be expected to stay enthused about the idea of Heilu and spread the word to others if you haven't even tasted the stuff? Right now, Jorge and I simply don't have enough to give to you, but by the end of 2017 we need to be at the stage where we're able to provide samples to you, our closest friends, at the very least.

Can You Help?

If you have any ideas on how we can accomplish any of these goals, please reach out to us!