A Long Overdue Message To You All

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Sorry For Taking So Long 

The purpose of these updates is to share with you what Heilu is, what we're doing, why we're doing it, and why you should care. But until now we've failed to do so in an important way: we've failed to clarify who "we" is. 

"We" is not just Jorge and I.

If Heilu were just Jorge and I, we'd go nowhere.

If Heilu were just Jorge and I, we'd go nowhere.

If "we" was just us two numbnuts trying to "defy convention and make a difference", we'd go nowhere. Convention would have nothing to worry about and no differences would be made. Luckily, "we" is not just Jorge and I. And it's about time we acknowledge it. 

So here's our long-overdue message:

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who is doing their part, and then some, to help Heilu give Nature a break

Thanks to you, Heilu is making progress.

Thanks to you, Heilu is making progress.

Thanks to the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC for funding an amazingly generous 75% of our R&D. You blew us away back in April when you shared the amazing news that we had been awarded a grant to support the development of our products and our work towards regulatory approval. This grant is the lifeblood of Heilu. We're incredibly grateful to you for being open-minded and adventurous enough to risk taking on our project. 

Thanks to all of you who are collaborating with us on this project. Thanks to Nancy, BSFL farmers and experts, and Canada's Smartest Kitchen (who managed to find another $5K to for work on R&D!). You are all charging us less (if anything) and contributing more than you really should and for that we are extremely grateful.

Thanks to the folks at Health Canada. You're used to working with PhDs and multimillion dollar businesses, so when us amateurs first came along you could have easily laughed us away. But you didn't. Thanks for taking us seriously. 

Thanks to everyone at the RADIUS Slingshot business accelerator program for the mentorship, structure, education, and invaluable connections in the industry. You guys helped us turn what was only an idea into an actual business. 

Thanks to Simon Fraser University. You were the first to give Heilu some credibility by putting your name behind it. And the $1,000 Venture Idea Prize you awarded us back in January was our first "win". It brought much needed enthusiasm and optimism to our cause. Thanks for getting us started and keeping us going through Venture Connection and its amazing mentorship. 

Thanks to everybody else who has been generous enough to chat with us and share their perspective and guidance. Friends, family (shout-out to Dani Lopez for creating our fantastic logo!), and industry veterans: We'd be nowhere without you. Thanks!

And thanks to you for reading these messages, sharing your feedback and questions, and spreading the word. 

Sorry for taking so long, but we really mean it.

Together we can defy convention and make a difference.

Together we can defy convention and make a difference.

More Thanks

You don't have to work with, support, or even try Heilu to merit a thank you.

All you need to do is embrace the bigger message we're trying to communicate and reconsider the way you eat. Next time you go out to eat or buy groceries, consider the impacts your choice has on your health and on the environment. Choose to defy convention to make a difference in your own way. Every little bit counts.

And if you do so, thanks.