A Glimpse into The Future of Food: Family Dinner in 2050

[Vancouver, Canada, Year 2050]

Dad: Kids! Do your blood scans and come to the dinner table!

Rudy (older son)What's for dinner Dad?

Dad: Seaweed salad...

Ernest (younger son)Yay! My fave!

Dad: ...spaghetti with tomato sauce - the tomatoes from our garden are delicious! - and, to celebrate your excellent work on you history project, meatballs.

Rudy:  Veggie or cultured meatballs?

Dad: Neither. Real meatballs. Wild buffalo liver from Alberta. We're celebrating.  

Rudy: Whoa!

Ernest: Awesome! 

[A notification appears on the dad's contact lens.]

Dad: Ernest, your blood biomarker report says you're going to get sick. We'll have to sprinkle some bacteria onto your pasta to stop it. 

         Now let's put on our VR glasses so mom can join us. 

[The family dons their glasses and the mom appears in the empty seat.]

VR Glasses: Never eat alone again. 

VR Glasses: Never eat alone again. 

Ernest: Hi Mommy!

Rudy: Hey Mom.

Mom: Hi kids. Hi dear.

Dad: How're things in Lima? 

Mom: Muy bien! Today we celebrated Peru's last human-driven car. All the excess road space has been converted to gardens. Lima should be 80% self-sufficient by next year.

Dad: Only 80%?

Mom: Yeah. Unlike Vancouver, where 20% of the city's land area was recovered when it went fully autonomous, Lima can only repurpose 14%. They didn't have as many alleyways and parking spaces and their roads were already more narrow.

Dad: I see.

Ernest: When I grow up I want to be like Mommy and work for Google Ag! 

Rudy: You're too dumb to become a farmer Ernest.

Dad: Rudy! Keep up that attitude and we'll send you to Mars with Uncle Andrew. 

Rudy[To himself] I wish. 

Mom: Who else is hungry? Let's eat!

Google Ag: "Down to earth, infinite upside"

Google Ag: "Down to earth, infinite upside"

[The dad serves out dinner]

Ernest: No fair! Rudy gets more salad than me.

Dad: We've gone over this a million times, Ernest. Rudy has Mommy's genes so he needs more salad and dressing to be healthy. You and I need more spaghetti. 

Ernest: Yeah, but it's still not fair.

Mom: When you're older you'll be grateful to have Daddy's genes. You'll be able to safely drink more beer than Rudy or me.

Ernest: I rather seaweed salad than beer. 

[The family starts eating]

Dad: Rudy, can you pass the Heilu butter please? And why don't you tell Mom about your project.

Rudy: Ok. For History class...

Mom: Not with your mouth full.

Rudy: [Swallows] ... I made a virtual supermarket from the year 2016 and... 

Ernest: It had cashiers and everything! It was pretty cool!

Mom: Ernest, don't interrupt.

Rudy:  And all the food was hidden in boxes and bags. The vegetables weren't free; they were as expensive as meat! Nothing was local and everything had sugar and other weird stuff added.

Screenshot from Rudy's school project. 

Screenshot from Rudy's school project. 

Dad: Things were different back in then weren't they? Just think, Grandma and Grandpa used to shop at places like that all the time. And Great-Grandpa owned a whole chain. 

Ernest: Great-Grandpa's old!

Mom: He's not that old. He's only 120. 

Rudy: Nobody lived that long back then. Everyone was unhealthy. They didn't know what to eat or what they were eating. 

Dad: Pretty much. Now eat up boys if you want to be doing handstands in your second century like Great-Grandpa.

Mom: Honey, why don't you tell the kids about your project? I'm sure they'd be interested to hear about your work on molecular nanotechnology and how it might be a glimpse into the future of food.

Rudy: A glimpse into the future of food? Cool!

What do you think is the future of food? 

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